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Newcastle University. Graduated in dental surgery in 1971 and have practiced in North South Tyneside until I retired in May 2008.

I began playing military drums as an Army cadet at boarding school – other major influences were the Shadows and Dave Brubeck in Future Drumming studies. Have played regularly in Rock Jazz Fusion Bands throughout my career, currently playing on a regular basis in my local church band which is called ‘Mission Possible’.

Although unable to play a tuned musical instrument with any great success, I began songwriting and composing following retirement.

I would be very happy to forward any further information CD or mp3s of my songs to any publishers seeking new material or for an artist to cover my songs.

All songs composed and written by John Watson Latimer
Engineered, mixed and produced at Home Sweet Home Studio,
Washington, Tyne and Wear

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my songs and
I hope you visit my website again.

Achievements to date include 4 original CD Albums:

1. Mysterious Reckonings (4 track album in April 2009)
2. Sketches From The Impact Zone (4 track album in April 2010)
3. An Epiphany At World’s End (6 track album in April 2011)
4. From Rosebud To Crusader (13 Track Album in October 2014)

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